Monday Book Recommendations (12/10/18)

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Happy Monday! I’m starting a brand-new series on my author blog where I recommend books so we can start our weeks off right. How’s that sound? I’m on board, so let’s go. 🙂

My recommendations will always be sweet/clean and generally of the romance genre. We may dabble in some romantic suspense, cozy mystery, inspirational, holiday, etc. But I love love, and I keep it sweet in my corner of the world. So that’s what you’ll find here. I’m excited to share!

This week’s books are awesome. We have books with food, Christmas, and fake marriages. What more could you ask for in sweet romance? 😉

Will a made-for-the-media marriage stop the path of true love?

Jennifer Leonard has everything a girl could dream of: fame, fortune, a successful acting career and a much-publicised relationship with her gorgeous co-star. When shooting on her latest block-buster movie grinds to a halt, her sister seizes the chance to order her home for a real family Christmas, just like old times. But Jen hasn’t been home in years, and the last thing she wants is to deal with the fall-out of a fictionalised marriage announcement, released by her publicist to cement the popularity of her two clients and prop up Jen’s flagging film career.

Alec Fitzgerald is pretty content with his life. A firefighter in the same small-town that has been his family’s home for generations, he knew it was the right thing to end it with Jen after high school and let her go – all the way to Hollywood. He can’t help but reminisce over the one that got away, though, especially at Christmas, and especially when he hears she’s coming home for the first time in years, with her very own movie star husband in tow.

Will Jen and Alec discover that home really is where the heart is at Christmas?


First impressions are overrated.

At least that’s what Jenn Harvey hopes after her awkward first encounter with Luke Bradley. Regardless of the embarrassing interaction, Jenn is in love—well, as in love as one could get after a two minute conversation. Luke is every girl’s dream: hunky, kind, funny, successful. He only has one minor flaw—he is dating Jenn’s best friend.

As complicated as her love life (or lack of one) is getting, Jenn’s career is just as rocky. She is a young baker who dreams of opening her own shop one day. But is risking everything for her dream job and her dream man worth it? Or should she just sit back and play it safe?

Through a series of hilarious bumps in the road, Jenn learns that, in both love and in life, you don’t always need to follow the recipe to get the perfect results.


A touching holiday story with a FREE recipe included!

When a dog randomly shows up at Kimberly’s family home a week before Christmas, she does her best to find his family. She and her husband know what it’s like to lose a beloved member of their family, so they want to help the dog.

But her own family, including her two young kids, soon become attached to him. Will the dog be reunited with his family? Or will he find a new forever home while Kimberly and her family find their own Christmas miracle?


I hope you enjoy! Until next time. <3

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