Monday Book Recommendations (1/7/19)

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Happy Monday! We’re picking back up in the new year with the series on my author blog where I recommend books so we can start our weeks off right. Sounds good to me. Let’s do this!

My recommendations will always be sweet/clean and generally of the romance genre. We may dabble in some romantic suspense, cozy mystery, inspirational, holiday, etc. But I love love, and I keep it sweet in my corner of the world. So that’s what you’ll find here. I’m excited to share!

This week’s books are awesome. We have books with sisters, rock stars, and single moms. What more could you ask for in sweet romance? 😉

She’s a single mom holding on to her job. He’s a career man focused on his business. Can they put the past behind them in order to build a future together?

When Filipe Romano arrives at the SoliMar beach resort, his newest acquisition, he plans to complete renovations quickly before moving on to his next property. But a stumbling block arises when he discovers Celeste, the sister of his deceased best friend, is an employee at the resort’s aquarium, which he intends to sell. To complicate matters more, he has unresolved feelings for Celeste and blames himself for the accident that killed her brother.

Celeste Ferreira, a stressed single mom, needs a miracle. Without any means to start over, she clings to the job she loves as aquarist at the SoliMar Aquarium. After she discovers the new owner is Filipe, an old family friend, their history makes it hard for Celeste to trust him, especially with her position in peril.
Though closing down the aquarium makes good financial sense, Filipe finds himself reluctant to disappoint Celeste and decides to help her with the repairs for the upcoming inspection. But is working side by side enough to forget the past and build a new future, or is the pain between them too deep to move on?


Monica Best believes in second chances…until her boyfriend breaks her heart.

After a rocky start to stardom, Monica Best’s life is finally back on track. She’s thrilled with the direction her pop star career is taking and is madly in love with Preston Scott, her doting boyfriend and ambitious manager, until she discovers him making out with another woman.

Ready to swear off men completely, Monica is introduced to Logan Hathaway, the new publicist Harper Music has hired specifically to help bolster her career. He’s gorgeous, polite, and has a heart of gold. Even better, he’s willing to go along with Monica’s impromptu plan of becoming her fake boyfriend in a plot to make Preston jealous. The pretend couple agrees on no emotional attachment but the lines between real and fake quickly become blurred.

It isn’t long before Monica realizes she’s falling hard for Logan. Just when she’s finally ready to give their relationship a try, Logan’s beautiful and unfailingly sweet lifelong friend decides to make a move and confess her feelings for him. Heartbroken, the show must go on and Monica has to decide if she’s willing to fight for love or say goodbye before losing her chance at stardom forever.


Two hearts.
One chance.
Can Layla and Delaney set aside their work and ambition to take a chance on love?

Beautiful, flirtatious, and charming are just a few of the words that describe Layla O’Rifcan, and she is proud of them. She enjoys the art of flirting and entangling the hearts of handsome men with her own. But with her eyes set upon starting her new business, she might just miss the one man that could change her life for the better.

Delaney Hawkins loves his job. Yes, he may work too much, but he is happy with the direction his life is headed. All until he meets Layla O’Rifcan. The spunky O’Rifcan sister who bewitches him from the start has him trying to balance work with what he hopes to be a budding relationship.


I hope you enjoy! Until next time. <3

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