Monday Book Recommendations (1/21/19)

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Happy Monday! Let’s stay warm with the series on my author blog where I recommend books so we can start our weeks off right. I’m totally in, so I hope you are!

My recommendations will always be sweet/clean and generally of the romance genre. We may dabble in some romantic suspense, cozy mystery, inspirational, holiday, etc. But I love love, and I keep it sweet in my corner of the world. So that’s what you’ll find here. I’m excited to share!

This week’s books are awesome. We have books with food, Christmas, and fake marriages. What more could you ask for in sweet romance? 😉

She’s an American tourist looking for adventure. He’s an Italian billionaire spy who needs a fake fiancée.

When American tourist Thelma Lopez gives a handsome Italian a ride, she expects help navigating Rome, not a car chase from thugs. A sucker for injured men in tuxedos, she helps him escape…only to receive the strangest offer.

Dante Andretti, billionaire CEO by day, spy by night, just might have found the perfect accomplice to help him uncover an assassination plot. A tour through Italy in his Lamborghini is Thelma’s if she’ll pose as his fiancée.

Rattled on Italian roads, she happily agrees. It’s temporary after all. Too bad amidst the danger, gelato, and backstabbing ex-girlfriends, she had to fall in love.


How is anyone supposed to find love when everyone from politicians to the paparazzi thinks they know what’s best for you?

For Hannah, visiting the small European country of Eilland on a trip with her mother was the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to see history first hand. A chance to escape her mom’s new boss, the President of the United States. And maybe even a chance to learn something about herself.

The last thing Collin expected to find after burying his grandfather, the King of Eilland, was the girl of his dreams. With his country on cusp of a new era and his family avoiding their responsibilities, it really wasn’t the best time. But some things can’t be denied.

With the weight of their responsibilities at their backs and a new, unexpected future before them, Collin and Hannah must learn to fight for the future they want.

And sometimes falling in love is the easy part.


Sometimes what you wish for… has been right there all along.

Actress Katie Dunn has everything she ever dreamed of: a starring role on a smash hit sitcom. The writing is good, she loves the people she works with, and she doesn’t have to face any tabloid drama, unlike her co-star, Ellery. But she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be even more famous, for hers to be the name on everyone’s lips.

Doug Belford is a rising star at the hottest talent agency in town. He’s also the go-to guy for the agency’s #1 client, Katie Dunn. He’d love to keep climbing to the top, which means going along with his boss’s plans for Katie–plans he’s pretty sure Katie won’t like.

She likes him. He likes her. But will their ambition ruin their chances for love–or the other way around?


I hope you enjoy! Until next time. <3

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